Bangalore based Technology Consulting firm.


Apps & Consulting

Pingcloud Automation has developed several apps,which cater to home automation & hospitality industry.we have built state of the art  automated analytics apps for hospitality which would cater as a loyalty app to the customers.We have enabled 300+ hotels with our automated CRM software to understand their customers.
Our models and strategies drive both b2b and b2c models
we have stratergically invested into potentially high growing startups which have already yielded some great results,we would continue to invest into our R&D in technology that would deliver great products in the coming years.We are also investing into several tech based startups across Bangalore,we would be interested in startups with high growth models.

Our Expertise


We have been identifying some common problems across hospitality,entertainment,finance & energy.Our research extends from wifi management systems,algorithmic trading programs and even solar energy.


We have helped several startups build their basic foundation,we have provided them with tools & finances that would make their processes easy.We have built platforms which enable ease of access to our R&D services.

Seamless Products

Our motive is to invest into startups and cloud based technology that would deliver great products to end consumers,our projects relating to home automation,website builders and even hospitality drive some great apps to the customers.

Infinite Possibility

We have invested into several startups that would enable the growth of the tech ecosystem,we will continue to invest into new & state of the art technology that would enable to provide cost effective products to the end consumers and our mission is to Support the #DigitalIndia Campaign.